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Write content, create a newsletter, grow your audience, foster a community, and get paid directly by your readers - no matter if they're on web2 or web3.

Why Paragraph?


It shouldn't be hard to publish your writing online and get it in front of your readers. Today, writing platforms lock you in, riddle your content with ads, and make it challenging to get paid from your audience.

Paragraph brings order to the chaos. We've completely redesigned publishing & newsletters from the ground up so you can write, share, and monetize better than ever.



Post your content online. Uncensorable, permanent, and truly owned by you.



Send your posts directly to your reader’s inboxes (or their crypto addresses).

Get Paid
Get Paid

Get Paid

Sell memberships that grant access to your best posts. Get paid in cash or crypto.

Thousands of writers & usecases just like yours

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    Web2 Publishers
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Create a written masterpiece

Powerful editing. Beautiful reading.

Paragraph brings publishing into the 21st century with a powerful editor, flexible customization, and all the analytics you'll ever need.

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Rich & intuitive editor

Use Markdown or WYSIWYG to create beautiful posts. Insert code, banners, quotes, tables, and more. Tag your posts with categories to keep things organized.

Reach your audience, wherever they are

Newsletters, on both web2 and web3.

Send newsletters to your reader's emails (or to their crypto wallets).
Collect your reader's emails while still taking advantage of all the benefits web3 has to offer.

Email newsletters

Collect your reader's emails, and send your publications as a newsletter - directly to their inbox.


Get paid, with cash or crypto

Start earning money.

At Paragraph, we believe that valuable content should make money. We go one step further than the subscription model - we let you monetize using NFT access tokens, to help build even closer communities.

Paid subscriptions

Connect your Stripe account, and charge a recurring subscription fee for access to your best posts.

Get access to the full Stripe dashboard to track churn, MRR, and other key revenue metrics.


All-in-one writing platform

Paragraph provides solutions for communities of all sizes - whether you have 10 members or 10,000.

SEO optimized


Import from Substack

One-click data export

Write in markdown or WYSIWYG

Full access to Stripe dashboard

Flexible payout schedule

Arweave-hosted posts

Get paid directly by your readers.

With 1000 subscribers paying $7/month, you'll earn


per year.*

Notebook and laptop
Women writing
Perso writing
Desk with pens

* after Paragraph takes a 5% fee.

Publishing re-imagined

You've never seen writing like this before. Everything loads instantly, for you & your visitors, and navigating between pages is lightning-fast.

Paragraph is bringing web2 writing into the future.

Ads & trackers
Lighthouse score
Avg page load time

Start publishing in seconds

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